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Advisor & Coach

Emotion, Human Nature & Mental Health Culture | MetaLearn Podcast

Nasos Papadopoulos

CEO, Metalearn

Voices in the Dark

Founder & Host

As the creator and host of ‘Voices in the Dark,’ I delved deep into the complexities of human psychology and behavior. Over the course of more than 200 episodes, I explored a wide range of topics, engaging with thought leaders and experts to uncover insights into the human mind. My dedication to producing in-depth and thought-provoking content resonated with a growing audience, establishing ‘Voices in the Dark’ as a respected and influential podcast.

Building on the success of the podcast, I self-published a short book that distilled key insights and discussions from the show. The book was met with enthusiastic reception, selling thousands of copies and further expanding the impact of ‘Voices in the Dark.’ Through this journey, I demonstrated my ability to create engaging content, connect with audiences, and leverage multiple platforms to share valuable knowledge.


Chief Operating Officer and Head of Production

During my tenure at London Real, I played a pivotal role in transforming the brand and driving significant growth. As Chief Operating Officer and Head of Production, I managed operations and spearheaded a comprehensive rebrand that positioned London Real as a leading voice in the digital content space. I oversaw the creation of a robust digital platform that included e-learning and subscription services, leading to successful monetization and substantial revenue growth.

One of my key achievements was growing the London Real podcast to millions of subscribers, making it one of the most popular and influential shows in its category. I also managed an active and engaged online community of thousands of fans, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty among our audience. Through strategic content development and innovative marketing efforts, I helped London Real become a trusted and respected brand in the digital media landscape.

Dre was instrumental in growing London Real from a 4000 subscriber Youtube Channel into a 7 figure business

Brian Rose

CEO, London Real

Humble Grape

Crowdfunding Campaign Manager

At Humble Grape, I played a crucial role in transforming an online wine order business into a high street wine bar sensation. Through strategic leadership and innovative thinking, I successfully managed an equity crowdfunding campaign that raised 100% more than our initial target. This overfunding enabled us to open four successful sites across London, each becoming a beloved destination for wine enthusiasts.

These efforts have now culminated in the exciting launch of their fifth and largest site in Canary Wharf, further solidifying Humble Grape’s presence in the city’s vibrant hospitality scene. By combining my expertise in fundraising, brand development, and operational management, I helped Humble Grape achieve remarkable growth and establish a strong, loyal customer base.

The care Leaders Network

CONTENT consultant and Strategist

I had the privilege of creating and producing ‘The Care Home Show,’ a niche podcast dedicated to the care home industry. My goal was to turn the host, Simon Parker, into a key person of influence within this vital sector. By strategically interviewing the most influential and important figures from all levels and sides of the care home industry, we provided valuable insights and fostered meaningful discussions that resonated with our audience.

The podcast’s success was not just in its content but also in its ability to build and strengthen relationships across the industry. This strategic approach culminated in the launch of ‘The Care Leaders Network,’ a private paid network that monetized the connections and influence we established through the show. This new business venture has become a thriving community, demonstrating the powerful impact of targeted content and relationship-building in creating new opportunities and revenue streams.

Andrea is brilliant! I can’t recommend him highly enough, he is the consummate professional.

Simon Parker

CEO, The Care Leaders Network

Programmatic Society

Content Strategist & Production Manager

Hossein Houssaini

Founder, Ho/Pe Advisory

Villa Kefalonia

CONTENT consultant and Strategist

I had the pleasure of assisting my friend Marcus Love in the creation and development of an online booking website for his holiday boutique villa rentals on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. My role encompassed managing the back-end operations, maintaining all technological aspects, and creating engaging content to promote the business.


By leveraging my expertise in web development and digital marketing, I ensured that the booking process was seamless and user-friendly, enhancing the overall customer experience. Additionally, my continuous efforts in producing high-quality promotional content have significantly boosted the visibility and appeal of the villas, attracting a steady stream of holidaymakers. This collaboration has allowed Marcus to focus on delivering exceptional hospitality while I handle the technical and operational aspects, ensuring the business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Without Dre I’d be lost

Marcus Love

Owner, Villa Kefalonia


Content Strategist & Production Manager